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    Our socks are anti odour, anti sweat and engineered for 24/7 comfort.

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Our socks are anti odour, anti sweat and engineered for 24/7 comfort.

Winter Clearance

Support Fairtrade


To our wonderful tribe, as you know our logistics is enabled through a Social Enterprise which employs people living with a disability to develop skills, build relationships and self-esteem and to reach their potential in a friendly workplace setting.  Due to the increased Co-Vid restrictions here in Melbourne we have had to lockdown completely and pause our store. However as there is now some light at the end of the tunnel we are planning a softly softly reopening.

***Please note we will start with a soft opening - a skeleton staff dispatching goods once a week until the end of October ***

Eliminate, Eliminate,Eliminate!

Edwina xx

Why Bamboo ?

We wanted to make a difference, not just become part of the problem. 

Cotton is the world’s favourite material.

Bamboo is climate positive.

Did you know producing just 1KG of cotton requires 20,000 lites of water.

Mind blowing Socks.

-These socks are worth the $ Comfort - Exceptional

Breathability no more stinky feet.

Style - 0/10 everyone loves them

Don't waste your money on shit socks. Your feet are in them most of the day. Do yourself a favour and get bamboo socks.

Stuart Simpson

Sock it to em.

I purchased socks for my husband. He says they are the most comfortable socks he has had. He was surprised when he found out they are a bamboo product. We love the idea of environmentally friendly products and the price is very reasonable to boot!


Love these socks!!!

Bought these for my husband for work as he has to wear boots and gets stinky, sweaty feet. He wore them to mow the lawn, then for a 12 hour night shift and said they were still good to keep wearing. We will only be buying bamboo socks from now on. Very impressed!


Love these sox.

My husband has issues with smelly feet he gets fungal infections as a result. I have been purchasing bamboo monkey sox for him for over three years now and he no longer suffers from smelly feet or fungal infections. He will not wear any other sox. Thanks Edwina you saved his feet.

Deborah Gourlay

Most Comfortable Socks Ever.

These were a gift for my son... socks might be seen as boring but he loved them and has stated they are the most comfortable socks ever... as well as the environmental benefits. 
The Bamboo Monkey staff were excellent and I received my order very promptly. No fuss and very satisfied.

Scott Davis

Our socks are engineered for 24/7 comfort.

Did you know our sock packs come with a free laundry bag?

After launching with socks ...

we wondered if there was more we could do to counter act the high dependance on cotton in our everyday basics.

Our mission has always been simple. To focus on everyday basics that are regularly produced in cheap GMO cotton, and see if we can deliver a quality alternative in sustainable bamboo. After launching with socks, we developed a range of luxe lifestyle basics, with unisex styling and sizing, allowing us to range items to both Women and Men. And after the incredible expose by the war on waste, highlighting a million takeaway coffee cups heading to landfill every day - we recently launched our 100% compostable re-useable coffee cups, with recyclable silicon sleeve and lid.

Fantastic Purchases!

I have been really happy with the quality, comfort and look of the clothing from Bamboo Monkey. 

The Slim Line Hoodie in Stripe looks absolutely great! the stripes being a very fine black and white. One of the L/S Raglan Tees I had ordered was also meant to be in stripe but the champagne pink colour was delivered instead. However the champagne pink has turned out to be a great colour to have, I've already had a ton of use out of it since it's quite neutral and it's so easy to mix and match with different colour pants. I also have the Raglan Crew in champagne pink.

The bamboo cup is nice and light with a really good lid. It is still new so will have to wait to see how long lasting or biodegradable they are.



I bought the hoodie and tracksuit bottoms for my husband. He loved the feel of the bamboo fabric. So soothing for his very sensitive skin. Perfect shape and style. Great service and very quick delivery! Very happy!

Olivia Barnes

Bought as a present

Bought as a present for my partner, pretty sure she hasn't taken it off since and says it's the "most comfortable thing she's ever worn".

James Boyle

Iconic design - and the most environmentally sustainable reuseable coffee cup in Australia

As an environmental scientist with a design streak, I searched and waited a long long time for a bamboo reuseable cup to be made here. No other material comes close looking at cradle to grave cradle life cycle inputs and outputs (water, labour, energy, externalities such as carbon emissions - growing and harvesting the bamboo, transportation and fabrication, use and upkeep (should last at least a human lifetime)). Finally and it is iconic in white with the classic Bamboo Monkey logo.

Lau Saili

Bamboo Coffee Cup

From ordering too delivery we had a seamless ride with bamboo Monkey. The coffee cup is great and is doing its bit too alleviate waste along with a discount from my coffee shop. Will look to purchase more of your products. Support this business.

Craig Andrew