A sneak peek at some new products being developed.


Time in hibernation, means more time to reflect and focus on what is really useful and helpful in our daily lives. We all crave simplicity and calm.

Our ethos at Bamboo Monkey has aways been to create items that are useful, a climate positive solution to something traditionally offered in a climate negative raw material, items driven by need versus want, that will have longevity in any household.

We thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek into our newest developments, to show you what is in the pipeline.

Like many small businesses, some of our suppliers are global, located internationally, and like us all have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Factories around the world have flipped their production to PPE, scrubs and disinfectant, similar to what we have seen in Australia. Thus prototypes that usually take 6 weeks, are only just emerging after 5 months. So we have learned to be patient 🧐



We finally saw the first samples of our new performance based Bamboo Monkey bamboo sports sock, and our long awaited chunky bamboo workwear sock, 👏alas a few issues to fix, but at least they are finally starting to take shape :)

Bamboo Monkey | bamboo socks | Australia


We have been very fortunate to spend this period of lockdown tucked away in the Victorian bush, in a tiny off grid cottage. We tend to escape here for weekends, so suddenly staying here full time has been a little more of an adventure. When I say small I mean it. With a 5 x 10 metre footprint, and two bedrooms in the ceiling cavity, storage space is at a premium. 

The first job when we arrived was to try and find a place to stash the extra food supplies, the magi mix, nutra bullet, and a huge store of spices. With a tiny pull out pantry - a little creativity was required. I found new uses for empty local gin bottles, and luckily my other half is a very talented DIY kind of guy. He knocked up a set of drawers on wheels to hide a lot of this extra stuff.

Bamboo Monkey | bamboo socks | Australia Bamboo monkey | bamboo socks | Australia


At the same time, I was loving using my new silicone storage envelopes, and lid covers, but I was finding they were getting stained quite easily by different food stuffs. 🥺So whilst they were great for keeping produce fresh, not so great for storing left over dinners. What I really needed were some easy to stack boxes, sturdy without being heavy and cumbersome. As well as a spill proof container for soups and curries.

So after a bit of research we have found some fantastic storage containers to trial in our range, steel boxes with bamboo lids, great for storage in a pantry or fridge, and a stylish leak proof lightweight box, perfect again for the storage of left overs in your fridge, or a versatile lunchbox. All utilising ethically grown and sourced bamboo.

Bamboo Monkey | Bamboo Products | Australia  Bamboo Monkey | Bamboo Products | Australia


We have had a lot of fun playing with the branding - so it will be exciting to see how it looks when they arrive. As soon as we have confirmation of the shipment, we will load up the items on to the web site incase anyone is interested in placing pre-orders.

Bamboo Monkey | Bamboo Products | Australia
At the same time as we were looking to solve our pantry issues, I noticed how aged and discoloured my clear silicone phone cover had become. I hated the idea of getting another plastic based one, so after a lot of searching I found a supplier of stylish slim bamboo phone covers. When the sample arrives, I will road test it and if successful we will add them to our range. 🤞🐵


Would love to hear what you think of these new products, if you have any comments, questions, or indeed more products you would like to see us range, please drop a line to support@bamboomonkey.com.au.

Edwina xx

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Always innovating with purpose Edwina, Iso thinking has paid off

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