Just arrived: our exciting new range of reusable Bamboo coffee cups.

Welcome to our exciting new range of printed bamboo reusable coffee cups featuring an exclusive design Melbourne Graffiti by local Artist Tuvsday.


Tuvsday - Love Local.

This image is the work of a local graffiti artist TUVSDAY, which adorns the wall of a local milk bar in Melbourne.

local grafitti art by Tuvsday

I took this photo when I first started Bamboo Monkey, at that time a single range of black socks. I loved the imagery, and also the sentiment. I love graffiti art, having taken lots of pics on my travels. However, when it came to launching this exciting new range of eco coffee cups, I couldn't go past this image. I reached out to the artist Tuvsday, and not only did he generously allow me to use the image, he actually went out and retook a new high res image to ensure the best outcome for my cup. This is why you see his website referenced on the image - credit where credit is due.

artwork bamboo monkey eco cup

It is important to respect that graffiti is a form of art, the credit of which regardless if you photograph it, remains with the artist. We are indebted to Tuvsday for allowing us to feature his art and so excited to feature this fantastic piece on our exciting new range of reusable bamboo cups.

What we love about these bamboo cups, is that they are dishwasher safe, lightweight, and really natural in texture. They are a great size for both regular or large size coffees or chai.

The great thing about these reusable coffee cups is they can be buried in the garden for compost at the end of use. Unlike plastic or glass alternatives they are fully biodegradable.

The silicon lids can also be placed in the recycle bin for recycling.

enjoy xx

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