What does eco friendly packaging mean?

Having a brand involves a lot of decisions, that can be in conflict. 

Bamboo Monkey's mission is to create climate positive solutions for everyday items we readily buy in cotton or plastic or other environmentally sabotaging materials. 

But ... we are an online company, therefore our products are posted to our customers. At this stage, Australia Post and Couriers use traditional plastic satchels, so while we put a lot of care and effort into our own products being made ethically with sustainable footprints, our goods are then covered in plastic and sent on their way.

This Christmas a few things happened. 

Firstly our logistics manager, being overly cautious and protective wanted to ensure our Bamboo Monkey Reusable bamboo coffee cups were wrapped in a cocoon of bubble wrap so they arrived safely and lovingly into their new owners' arms, (forgetting to use the green recycled paper bubble wrap that had been supplied) This caused a storm of controversy. How can you sell a compostable coffee cup which arrives plastered in bubble wrap? Fair Play.

Secondly, I ordered some great prezzies this Christmas from brands such as Frank Body and Boody, which arrived safely in recyclable packaging beautifully covered in Branding. It looked great. But all I did was take out the item and put all the packaging to one side or out in the bin. So all this effort that had gone into sophisticated packaging was actually wasted. 

So .. I sat down and reviewed our bamboo monkey packaging more fully. I didn't want to go down the road of producing more beautifully designed printed packaging in China. The packaging is a utility, required to get the parcel from A to B with minimal fuss. 

It needed to be recycled, recyclable and if possible Australian made. 

So, I would like to introduce you to Bamboo Monkey's packaging. Sourced from Ecocern 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and 100% Australian owned.

While traditionally our socks were wrapped in recycled kraft tissue paper, now we are also using their paper bags, copy paper and twine. Our bamboo monkey stickers are printed on recycled paper, and where possible we will post your items in paper bags.

Unfortunately, due to Australia Posts delivery costs, larger items are more economically sent in their satchels, but wherever possible, bamboo monkey bamboo socks and accessories will arrive in the humble brown paper bag.

We are really excited. It may be simple. It may have no fancy branding. But that is Ok. Actually - I really like that.

For us at Bamboo Monkey the mission is clear, to reduce our carbon footprint and protect that planet. 

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