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Out of sight, out of mind” is the attitude that many of us take to our rubbish. However, research is now showing that approximately 6000kgs of clothing are dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, for materials to break down and biodegrade, they require oxygen. Given landfill practice is to cover waste with soil and compact it, depriving it of oxygen, textiles sit and slowly rot, releasing harmful greenhouse gases. 

So how often have you thrown odd socks in the bin? A recent study showed Brits lose an average of 1.3 socks a month, that's 1264 socks over an average lifetime or a staggering 84 million socks a month just in the UK  if they are to be believed!

We developed our mesh laundry bag to help combat the issue of odd socks. Hang it on the back of your door and show your socks in each day. At the end of the week throw the whole bag in the wash. Easy.

Our commitment - From today every first-time customer at Bamboo Monkey will receive a FREE mesh laundry bag when they purchase a bamboo monkey sock pack for the first time.

Limit of one bag per customer.

Fit Details:
  • Tired of losing socks in the wash? Our laundry wash bag is designed to go through the wash & dryer if required. Throw your dirty socks in the wash bag during the week, then throw the wash bag in the washing machine on the weekend. Kiss odd socks goodbye!
  • Made from 100% Nylon mesh.
How to Care:
  • Monkey Sox like to be machine washed in 40°c with no bleach or tumble drying - ouch! If you take care of your socks they will take care of you.

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Great product

This product is quality against you skin.

Sadly it was too big for me and I had to pass it on.