Long Sleeve Bamboo T Shirts

Ethically Produced Women’s Bamboo T Shirts

Edwina Walsh was tired of seeing the unethical practises of the fashion industry she was a part of.

Time and time again she continued to see the destructive impacts that the mass-produced, mainstream fashion industry had on the world’s population and the environment.

Upon witnessing the appalling conditions of the textile factories in Bangladesh Edwina decided she would try and help make a change in the fashion industry.

After a period of intense travel and research into ethical and environmentally-sustainable methods of clothing production, she decided to try her hand at supplying Melbourne and Australia with bamboo material clothing.

Today, her and the team at Bamboo Monkey supply Australia and the globe with a whole line of eco-friendly and ethically produced bamboo clothing that is affordable and incredibly comfortable.

Our line of long sleeve bamboo t shirts is a wonderful purchase, and you can wear one with the satisfaction that you are doing a little part to help the environment, and the little guy, in this time of serious greed and environmental degradation.

Our long sleeve bamboo t shirt

Bamboo Monkey’s long sleeve bamboo t shirt, whilst being eco-friendly, is incredibly comfortable. The shirt is highly insulated yet breathable, and having been made from superior quality bamboo, contains anti-bacterial properties.

This means that you can wear one of our long sleeve t shirts for pretty as long as you want (well, a very long time) without the shirt beginning to smell.

Have you ever heard of your standard store-bought cotton t shirt providing this luxury? We sure haven’t.

Not only will this shirt not start to stink at the end of the day, given that it is made from superior bamboo material it will also last for a lot longer than those tatty garments bought at any department store of fashion house.

When you purchase one of Bamboo Monkey’s long sleeve t shirts, you are investing in the future of the environment, and the future of your wallet – the long lasting nature of these t shirts means that you won’t have to keep running back to a department store to buy a new t shirt every month.