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Bamboo Monkey's line of eco-friendly clothing for men includes both everyday clothing and active gear, all made with ethically cultivated bamboo. This includes our colourful selection of bamboo socks and our men's slim-fit hoodie and urban track pants, designed for runners, cyclists, tennis players, and other athletes in mind. 

Why wear bamboo clothing?

Unlike the majority of clothing you can buy online or in-store, our clothes aren't made exclusively using cotton. Instead, we use a bamboo viscose and cotton blend fabric for most of our men's bamboo clothing. If you're new to the concept of wearing bamboo clothing, or to the plant in general, its benefits may surprise you.

Bamboo is far more eco-friendly and sustainable than cotton. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the world's cotton production wastes a massive amount of water, relies on toxic pesticides, and facilitates forced labour in multiple countries. 

Bamboo, on the other hand, creates natural, self-sustaining, and fast-growing forests. It grows quickly without the use of pesticides, requires very minimal amounts of water, and supports rural communities around the world. 

Another great feature of bamboo clothing is that it's incredibly comfortable! Our men's bamboo clothing is both durable and gentle on your skin, whether you're wearing a pair of our vibrant socks or our soft track pants.

Order men's bamboo clothing in Australia

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