Bamboo Socks Party Pack | Fun, Fun, Fun! | 5-Pack | Bamboo Monkey

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Fit Details:

  • For casual buyers who like to add a little color to their world.
  • Our range of patterned bamboo socks come in a choice of five designs, so you can choose one for every day of the week.
  • Available in size 6 - 10. Our Party pack (colour multi)  $65 is a 5 pack - one of each design. 
  • Bamboo Monkey sox adapt to different temperatures, and have antibacterial properties which crush foot odor – no more smelly or cold feet!
  • Our pattern bamboo socks are eco-friendly. Increased CO2 levels in the earth's atmosphere are responsible for our planet warming. Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of CO2 & harmful greenhouse gases & produces 35% more Oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.
  • We are all responsible for the footprint we leave so why not try our bamboo socks.

How to Care:

  • Bamboo Monkey pattern sox like to be machine washed in 40°c with no bleach or tumble drying - ouch! If you take care of your socks they will take care of you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Christopher Saunders
    Bamboo socks

    Love the socks and the service. Now for some underwear.

    Ha! We will look into it.

    Catherine Yates
    Track pants & T Shirt

    Great service! I had a problem with an incorrect size label and I was sent the correct size straight away. The pants and T are very comfortable and a great fit. Soft on the skin and wash well. Bamboo is the way of the future,

    We agree. Climate first always! Thank you.

    Doug Shepherd
    Mums socks

    Been loving my bm socks santa(mum) gifted me and the kids at xmas.
    "No one buys me bamboo socks"says mum
    So i rectified that. She has since worn no other than bm socks since the online purchase arrived. We love em . Doug