Plain Bamboo Range
Pair of classic black bamboo-socks with Red heel.
Pair of classic black bamboo-socks with Blue heel.
Pair of classic black bamboo-socks with Blue heel.
Pair of classic black bamboo-socks with Purple heel.
Pair of classic black bamboo-socks with Purple heel.
Bamboo Monkey

Plain Bamboo Range

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I have a friend, let's call him T. He is a Real Estate Agent. According to him, he spends his days pounding the pavement, working seven days a week, in meetings at all hours, dealing with people at the best of times and the worst of times. And you know the one thing he says he can never find?
A decent pair of men's socks.
When he first raised it with me, I ignored him, as I usually do, he can be a bit of a drama queen. But he kept nagging me, I told him to look in the supermarket, they sell them there don't they? End of story. But he kept at me, so in an effort to change the subject, I took a look.
What was really interesting for someone who had never really taken a lot of interest in socks, was that most of them seem to be made of polyester or nylon. These fibres are byproducts of fossil fuels, so are contributing to our current global warming crisis.
..... But do you know what the really crazy thing is? Synthetic fibres don't breathe! Huh? ..... What does that mean to the layperson? 
It means, that there is no flow of air through the fibres, so the air is trapped around the foot. As you walk around your foot naturally warms up. With synthetic fibres, you suddenly have a mini oven created in your shoe, your foot starts sweating, rubs against your shoes irritating your skin, causing blisters, and worse, foot odour.
Yep, ...... and girls just love the smell of sweaty feet. Can't get enough of it. And mothers, my gosh.... if we have one more mother write to us to complain that because their son is now wearing Bamboo Monkey socks they no longer have to fumigate the house on a weekly basis and wear full protective clothing on washing day and that they are having an existential crisis ......NOT.
So stop traumatising the loved ones in your life. Wear bamboo socks, their super soft and comfortable AND Bamboo breathes.......
Funny story, one of our marketing team didn't quite believe this when he first started working with us, so he wore his socks every day for seven days. Guess what - no odour! Crazy but true :)
Fit Details:
  • For casual buyers who don't wear socks often.
  • Our bamboo socks come in your choice of heel colour which makes pairing them up after washing just that little bit easier.
  • Monkey sox have cushioned soles with reinforced toes & heels and adapt to different temperatures - no more smelly socks or cold feet!
  • Our Bamboo socks are eco-friendly. We are all responsible for the footprint we leave so why not try our bamboo socks.
How to Care:
  • Monkey Sox like to be machine washed in 40°c with no bleach or tumble drying - ouch! If you take care of your socks they will take care of you.

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