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Upgrade to our dishwasher safe Bamboo Keeps cups. Sourced from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo, with silicone wrap and lid. These Eco-Friendly cups are reusable, lightweight, and natural in texture. Try it today.

Bamboo Monkey reusable coffee cups can be soaked in water, then buried in the garden for compost. Unlike plastic or glass alternatives they are fully biodegradable. The silicon lids can also be placed in the recycle bin for recycling.

1 billion takeaway coffee cups in Australia head to the landfill every year. Learn more:

Do: Treat them with care, so they last for years. They are a natural material.

Don't: put them in the microwave. 

Technical details:

size: 390 mls.

8cm * 6cm * 11 cm.


Customer Reviews

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I love my cup!

I love the sustainability and even more so I love the design, that it looks and functions like a common paper takeaway cup. Not a fan of the colourful over the top designs of most of the others. Thank you Bamoo Monkey for keeping it simple.

You are welcome! Thank you for your support.
So far, so good!

I got this as my 'home/weekend' coffee cup since my other glass keepcup stays at my office - The Bamboo Monkey cup is light enough to chuck in my bag when I'm not using it. Easy enough to clean. Eye catching design. It does not keep my drink as hot as other cups but I would prefer to have a lighter design rather than a weighty cup clinking around in my bag awkwardly.

Lovely cup, speedy delivery

Bamboo keep cups are the best: so light and have a lovely fine feel. This one is very nice and was delivered really quickly. Highly recommended.

Thanks Georgia! Keep an eye out for the new range arriving soon :)
Iconic design - and the most environmentally sustainable reuseable coffee cup in Australia

As an environmental scientist with a design streak, I searched and waited a long long time for a bamboo reuseable cup to be made here. No other material comes close looking at cradle to grave cradle life cycle inputs and outputs (water, labour, energy, externalities such as carbon emissions - growing and harvesting the bamboo, transportation and fabrication, use and upkeep (should last at least a human lifetime)). Finally and it is iconic in white with the classic Bamboo Monkey logo.

Thanks Lau - you are so well informed!! Great to have such a conscious consumer onboard enjoy!
Bamboo coffee cup

From ordering too delivery we had a seamless ride with bamboo Monkey. The coffee cup is great and is doing its bit too alleviate waste along with a discount from my coffee shop. Will look too purchase more of your products. Support this buisness.

Thanks Craig for the great vote of confidence! Much appreciated.