Ethically Produced Clothing with Our Range of Singlets

Bamboo Monkey is dedicated to providing the people of Melbourne with ethically produced, environmentally-friendly clothing.

Bamboo clothing is a great alternative to the standard practise of cotton farming for clothing manufacturing, which has incredibly negative effects on the environment.

Cotton farming is responsible for 15-25 per cent of the world’s herbicide and pesticide usage, and depletes the farms soil, leaving it destructed and unable for future use.

We have our bamboo ethically produced in factories in the United States and China to produce ultimately comfortable and sustainable clothing.

When you purchase clothing from Bamboo Monkey, you can be assured that what you are buying is produced in ethical, non-sweatshop conditions, and is not harming the environment.

Our ultra-comfy bamboo singlet

Our singlets are made from environmentally sustainable bamboo and have the following details:

  • Slim fit – finished length below hips which we prefer to those annoying waist finish singlets
  • Great for layering during winter
  • Cold hand wash, or machine wash on a delicate cycle
  • Lay out flat to dry

Take a look at our other great range of products

We provide a whole range of environmentally friendly and ethically produced bamboo clothing. Feel free to browse our other range of products which includes men’s socks, women’s crew neck jumpers, slim line hoodies, urban sweat pants, raglan tees, boyfriend tees, maxi ones, spots socks, and laundry wash bags.

Want to know about why buying bamboo clothing is good for you and the environment?

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable and environmentally-friendly bamboo clothing, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please send us a message off our contact page and our friendly team of staff will get back to you as fast as a spider monkey swinging through the trees.

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Bamboo Monkey – helping the environment one garment at a time.