Get Active with Sustainability-Focused Bamboo Sweatpants

Bamboo Monkey is a Melbourne-based company that is dedicated to producing environmentally-friendly and ethical bamboo sweatpants and clothing.

Owner and creator, Edwina Walsh, witnessed the negative effects that the mainstream fashion industry and mass-production of clothing has on the environment and people living in developing nations.

Because of this, she decided to create Bamboo Monkey, and through an intense process of research and travel, came up with a label dedicated to producing eco-friendly bamboo socks.

Through the success of her bamboo socks business, Monkey Sox, Edwina decided to branch out and produce a whole line of clothing that is environmentally friendly and produced in good working conditions.

Our bamboo material sweatpants

Our bamboo material urban sweatpants come in either black or stripe grey. They are comfortable, insulated, and due to the anti-bacterial factor of bamboo, stay clean for a long time.

Also, due to the superior quality that bamboo material has when producing clothes, the urban sweatpants are designed to be long-lasting, you can have them for ages. This is our point of difference, allowing you to enjoy the comfort quality products that are designed to last.

Item specifics:

  • Relaxed fit – hanging a little bit loose for optimal comfort
  • Elongated skinny leg
  • A combination of style and comfort – they are a “too good to take off” style that you can happily wear down to Sunday coffee
  • Slightly dropped crotch and extended rib details at the cuff
  • Exclusive embroidery detailing
  • Hand washable, or machine using a very delicate cycle – lay flat to dry

Want to learn more about our sweatpants and other products?

The friendly team at Bamboo Monkey are always happy to hear from people who want to share our passion for ethically produced and sustainable clothing.

Send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as quick as much effectivity as a monkey walking along a tree branch.

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