Men's Urban Track Pant

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Designed using luxurious, soft bamboo viscose/cotton blend fabric. Just as the Bamboo plant is actually stronger than steel, this heavy duty Urban Track pant has been constructed to last, from intensive training to intensive lying on the couch.

A slightly longer crutch, for extra range of movement, while you workout, and a super slim leg with extended rib cuffs that hug your ankle. The Urban Track pant has been designed to mold to your shape, so you can train without distraction.

Activities: Triathlons, weights, Football, Yogis, or chilling in front of the TV.

weather: all seasons

 Sizing 1 2 3 4

waist (top edge )

76 81 86 91
Outleg length from waist 104 105 106 107
Thigh circ at crotch point 60.8 64 67.2 70.4


Customer Reviews

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Soft & comfy

I'm a bamboo convert, buying sheets and towels. I was overjoyed to find bamboo track pants and these really deliver - soft, comfortable and like all bamboo, they remain fresh between wears. Highly recommended!

Great Product

I purchased a pair of the sweat pants for my mum for Christmas and a week later she called and asked me to order another pair. Prompt delivery and great packaging for a gift.

Excellent product

I bought something from Bamboo Monkey a few years ago, might have been tracky pants, I was after bamboo products. When looking for a new pair I rediscovered BM. The pants arrived promptly and were beyond all my expectations. They were beautifully made, the fabric strong and stylish, with a fine stripe. I feel positively elegant and very comfortable wearing them. Highly recommended!

Fantastic! Thanks for coming back
Comfiest pants I've ever owned

Bought a pair of tracksuit pants, because they were on clearance, and as soon as they arrived, and I tried them on, I went straight back and bought another.
Ridiculously comfortable clothing

They are beautiful quality, so glad you appreciate them! Thank you
My Trackies

Yep, easily the most comfortably trackies I’ve ever bought. Heavy enough to be cosy on the couch but not baggy when I walk around. Absolutely sold on Bamboo. Keep it up guys.

Thanks for the great review!