Is there really anything better than a beanie?

Doesn't it just capture everything you love about Winter? 
Isn't it true that having something on your head keeps you warm - regardless of how cold it is?
Lounging around while the storm rages outside - is really the best!
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Last year we travelled to Katmandu, Nepal. 

We met an inspirational couple, who have set up a social enterprise teaching women escaping poverty, abuse and disadvantage to knit the most beautiful beanies for men and women. We asked if they could make them in Bamboo :) They were able to source the most luxurious quality of bamboo blended with Merino Wool.
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Why are ethically produced products important?

Because you are not just buying a beanie, you are changing someones life. By empowering them financially you are giving them the ability to escape a life of poverty and choices to live independently and self sufficiently.
Read below to understand the actual impact your purchase of a bamboo monkey beanie will have on someones life. 
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By supporting artisans in slow fashion enterprises, we can ensure that a living wage has been paid, that a safe and secure work environment exists, and that no one is being exploited. Unfortunately the same can not be said for most manufacturing operations based in the developing world. 

This ultimately means the product is more expensive. Most consumers now are so used to prices getting lower and lower, that they are not aware what it actually costs to create something where the materials are ethically produced and the worker has been paid a living wage. 

And yes you can buy beanies for men and women a lot cheaper than ours. They will probably be made from man made fibres and/or produced via an automated knitting machine. Click here for a brilliant recent article by Carolyn Webb of the SMH 'Clothing Brands failing Bangladeshi workers'

But as we always say at Bamboo Monkey, wearing Bamboo is our choice. Everyone has to be master of their own destiny and decide what their own carbon footprint is.
Wear your bamboo beanie with pride!