Grab two hand knitted beanies in silky soft bamboo/merino wool TODAY for just $60.

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Buying Fair-trade, you are not just buying a beanie, you are changing someones life. By empowering them financially you are giving them the ability to escape a life of poverty. You are giving them the freedom to live independently and self sufficiently.
Of course you can buy beanies for men and women a lot cheaper than ours. They are likely made from man made fibres and/or produced via an automated knitting machine, in a manufacturing centre, somewhere in the developing world.
But by supporting artisans in slow fashion enterprises, we can ensure that a living wage has been paid, that a safe and secure work environment exists, and that no one is being exploited.

Bamboo Monkey Unisex beanies

In saddle stitch or pom pom styles, black or charcoal Marle.
Photos courtesy of our collaboration with @suttonandgrove and @lukematthws
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