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photo courtesy of @theuniformstylist

100 Billion single-use paper coffee cups head to landfill every year.

70% of the worlds paper comes from ancient diminishing forests, not from recycling as most of us believe.
Disposable cups also contain plastic polyurethane, a fine plastic coating, making composting and recycling extremely rare. Thrown in the bin, or on the ground, they end up in landfill, or polluting our rivers and oceans.

Together we can build awareness around this environmental hazard. Create your own custom designed bamboo reusable coffee cup for your organisation or community.

Let's drive real change we can all be proud of. Its really easy! See below for our recent collaboration with the City of Newcastle, NSW.
Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup | Australia | Bamboo Monkey
The City of Newcastle ordered 8000 custom designed cups, which were distributed to local cafes and made available to residents for free as part of a NSW EPA initiative. A truly exciting, innovative and responsible climate positive project at a grass roots level.
Made from 50-60% bamboo powder and 40 - 50% cornstarch, nuts and shells, with recyclable silicon lids, bamboo reusable coffee cups are sustainable, biodegradable and dishwasher safe. Lightweight and durable they are the perfect climate positive habit for your team to adopt this year.

Contact us, we would love to work with you to create your own unique reusable cup.

Minimum order quantities do apply for custom designs - send your enquiries to edwina@bamboomonkey.com.au and let's can chat!