Bamboo Monkey
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Fit Details:
  • Are new sock’s the last thing you think about buying but should?
  • Are you scared of taking off your shoes in public?
  • Do you have someone you love who really needs some fresh new socks on a regular basis?
  • Then our soxscription service is exactly what you need. You can set and forget.
  • 3 Pairs of our exclusive socks delivered to your door 3 times a year plus our dirtysox laundry bag. ( total 9 pairs)
  • Monkey Sox, sustainably sourced from bamboo, have cushioned soles with reinforced toes & heels. They readily adapt to different temperatures, and are proven odour eaters. So no more smelly socks or cold feet!
  • You will receive the first order and wash bag upon ordering. Then four months later your new socks will arrive. For example, order in January and receive your goods, next delivery will be May, final delivery will be September.
  • At the end of the cycle we will give you the option of renewing for the next year.
How to Care:
  • Monkey Sox like to be machine washed in 40°c with no bleach or tumble drying - ouch! If you take care of your socks they will take care of you.